The Importance of Communication in Restructure

Restructuring a business is generally a step towards the end of a period of uncertainty, creditors, stakeholders, staff and the owners are on tenterhooks, communication is generally stressed or non existent and it’s now necessary to re-engage. Often in the lead up to a restructure there has been a period of mixed communication, business owners accentuating the good often to the detriment of the bad.


Observations on Food Retail in Australia 2018/19

Our year in food retail has seen the widespread closure of outlets, rather than regeneration. It has been a tough year, with the dual influence of rising costs and external pressures. There has been an escalation in shutdowns as marginal operators have started closing the doors earlier and walking away from unrealistic leases.

Press in this area has been increasing and there has been a slew of prominent restaurants closing their doors.