For a business owner with their company in liquidation, it may be a rude shock to find out that they have no effective input in the liquidation process. We regularly help business owners with their company in liquidation who had no idea that they lose complete control the moment that the company has a liquidator appointed. Insolvency is a maze and having a guide makes sure that the path is a lot easier to walk.

But I Appointed the Liquidator!

A liquidator acts only for the benefit of the creditors and must advance their interest. The previous Director of a company has limited or no input into the decision making of the liquidator.

But aren’t they on my Side?

It is important to understand that the liquidator, whilst appointed by the business owner, has stepped into the shoes of the director and now has obligations to all creditors. They do not pick sides and are impartial in their decision making. They are there for the creditors and the creditors alone.

Liquidation Consulting Service

The team at C&D Restructure and Taxation Advisory are there to help you by providing a liquidation consultant as part of our restructuring if the decision has been made to place the business into liquidation.  

Our liquidation consulting service is there to help you through the maze, whether it is preparing the necessary disclosure documents, explaining transactions and the state of the business or assisting the director with personal guarantees and obligations undertaken by the director. We assist you through the process and will be there to make sure that you are not alone in facing what is ahead.

Understanding the liquidation process is the key of our liquidation consulting service. We arm you with the information to make sure that you are protected, and the insolvency process is managed in the most efficient way to maximise the result for creditors.

Company Liquidation Advice

The decision to place a company into liquidation is one that cannot be made lightly. Understanding what is involved and the consequence of it is where we help. We will walk you through the options available, determine if they are appropriate for you and then, if voluntary liquidation is the right option, assist you to prepare for the liquidation process. A liquidation consultant will assist you through the process, explaining what is happening and assist you to meet your compliance obligations.

Company liquidation advice is a consulting service to help you understand the process, prepare the relevant documents and then help you through the steps of liquidation. It is a service our liquidation consultant will undertake to make sure that you are well informed.

Choosing a liquidator can be tough, for most directors, hopefully, it is a decision that you only need to make once, whilst all liquidators follow the same rules, some are skilled in different areas to others. We work with you to find someone that understands your business, creditors and will work in an efficient and effective manner. We try and assist you through the process to find someone that aligns with you.

In finding an impartial advisor we pride ourselves on having no referral or commission relationship with any third-party provider. We will find the best solution for you and if the liquidation consultant believes that liquidation will be the best result for creditors we stand behind that advice.

Our Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide Offices – and we Travel!

We have offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide and visiting offices in Geelong and Gold Coast. We visit rural locations on a regular basis and are not afraid of an overnight drive to come to you. We pride ourselves on being available for business owners at the drop of a hat as we understand that the insolvency maze is tough to navigate alone.

We have worked closely with accountants and business owners throughout Australia and strive for satisfaction, whilst we understand that the situation is tough and that things may not look great, we are here to help, with impartial, independent, practical and commercial advice.

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Our visiting service

We come to you! Get the right support for securing your assets by partnering with the C & D Restructure and Taxation Advisory team. We have various visiting offices which allow our specialists to serve clients from all around Brisbane and Sydney’s metropolitan and outer suburbs as well as Melbourne and Geelong. We also visit Western Victoria, Country New South Wales and Queensland and rural South Australia on a monthly basis. For rural clients we understand the need to have face to face conversations and are not afraid of a drive to visit you.

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When it comes to asset protection, we appreciate every case is entirely unique. This can be more challenging for business owners as there are additional influences on a structure.  

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