Our restructuring services are based on immediate solutions to issues that have arisen in your business. Working closely with our team of solicitors and accountants, we will strategically manage your position and find a solution matching your needs.

We have access to a range of commercial financiers who can assist in solving complex problems, are responsive and can work quickly to find a solution to what may appear to be unrecoverable.

Unlike our peers, we look to the long term and consider whether there is a viable business at the end of the process and won’t make recommendations that result in a worse long term outcome. Our advice is often described as tough and realistic.

Our Process

Our first conversation is to gather an understanding of the overall situation and to consider the options available. This generally includes collecting as much financial and general information as possible.

Depending upon the time available we will generally come back to you within 24 hours with a game plan and the steps forward. We will attempt to meet with your accountants or bookkeepers during this time as well as make introductions to any necessary professionals that will help us during the process.

From here no restructure is the same, it will depend on a number of factors and the situation is generally fluid. We attempt to have any restructure completed within 7 days and depending upon the overall situation, a carefully managed process from there.


Before engaging our restructuring services, we like to walk clients through our process and give them an overview of what’s involved in a restructure. If you already have an understanding of the benefits of restructuring and want to know more about the practicalities, you can have a look at our helpful eBook Guide to Restructure. We also have a number of other articles and restructuring resources in our Library.

C&D Restructure and Taxation Advisory Guide to Restructure

Download eBook: A Guide to Restructure

More Info?

If you have any questions for the team, you can email team@cdrta.com.au or call 1300 023 782.