AirBnB Hitting Rural Motels Hard

The past year has been tough for smaller operators as the impact of technology continues to increase and businesses struggle with significant fixed costs that may not be achieving a realistic return on investment. Airbnb is here to stay and traditional accommodation providers (motels and serviced apartments) are under pressure.


Present Owners Fare Better in Hospitality

For businesses that are struggling now, the prognosis is not great, and without significant change there is unlikely a panacea to the improvement of the business. It’s been no surprise that more active and present owners have been more willing and able to adapt, making for businesses that fair better through market changes or periods of decline.


Observations on Food Retail in Australia 2018/19

Our year in food retail has seen the widespread closure of outlets, rather than regeneration. It has been a tough year, with the dual influence of rising costs and external pressures. There has been an escalation in shutdowns as marginal operators have started closing the doors earlier and walking away from unrealistic leases.

Press in this area has been increasing and there has been a slew of prominent restaurants closing their doors.