Our tax consulting team has been working in the industry for the last fifteen years and has been involved in both large and small accounting firms during this time. Working on transactions from individual taxpayers up to listed and pre-IPO entities, we have experience in both state and federal taxes across Australia. With a practical and commercial approach to tax planning, we work closely with accountants to find solutions as part of wider objectives. 

Tax laws in Australia change often, which is why aligning with a professional tax consultant is important. Many individuals and firms are simply unaware of the myriad of rules that change on a regular basis and the requirements to keep up to date get harder and harder. We work closely with professional firms to provide an adjunct service to your existing offering, either as a white-labeled solution or direct engagement. At all times we work with you to achieve the best client outcome, looking not just to the now but also to the future to ensure that solutions today don’t cause problems tomorrow. 

Providing commercial solutions, we look beyond the transaction, understand the background and – more importantly – what the consequence of it will be. We understand that sometimes tax efficiency may not give the best practical result and that it is often a balancing act between multiple considerations. We pride ourselves on being able to flag potential issues early and will communicate with you directly, managing risk where it arises and ensuring that the solutions manage these as well.

Tax Consulting for Accountants

Providing a partnership solution, we work with you to enhance your client’s position in a commercial, practical and cost-effective manner. We take the time to understand not just the immediate transaction but how this works within the wider group – ensuring that our advice is appropriate for the short and long term. With substantial experience in complex groups, we are well placed to flow through a transaction, understanding the long-term outlook.

With a results-driven approach to solutions for accountants, we are happy to be a sounding board, to provide alternative views and to approach tax planning as not just a short-term option but as a wider scope. Having a strong restructuring team, we ensure that solutions align with estate and succession planning, risk management and mitigation and that the tax efficiency is optimised. We understand that firms often need additional resources that are not always easy to find, and it is harder to find someone that takes the time to understand your business and your clients.

When you partner with us, you have a team that is willing to invest the time in your firm, to provide training and resources, to provide you with the tools to be able to enhance your client offering as well. Working closely with our partners, we happily share our insights and observations, with a strong influence on thought leadership and market engagement, we have an open door to the sharing of our resources. 

Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne Tax Planning 

Our team has a presence in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne with permanent offices and visiting offices in Geelong, Gold Coast and rural Australia. Understanding the need for face to face meetings, our team is happy to travel to meet with you. 

For accountants, working with our tax consulting team can help you reach your full financial potential, as we leverage our in-depth knowledge and experience to reduce your clients’ tax liabilities and protect their interest. We provide a tax consultant service that is commercial, practical and solutions driven, not just looking to the immediate issue but also the flow on consequences. 

Our service is only offered directly to accountants, this means that if you are looking for a tax advisor, we only work through one of our partners, or will engage with your individual accountant. We provide a wholesale solution for firms that are not always serviced by larger providers, or a bit off the beaten track.

Commercial Tax Consultant in Australia

For accountants in rural areas we provide face to face training and tax-consulting which is something that differentiates us and that we pride ourselves on. We understand the value of training in an open environment, with a whiteboard and the ability to converse face to face rather than via intermittent internet and a glitchy communication. We understand that it can be tough to find partners that understand the importance of being face to face and we enjoy working with our partners in their environment. We place a high value on the ability to converse not just with you but also with your client, understanding their needs and the value that we can bring to a scenario. Being happy to travel and invest time in our partners, we look forward to working with you.

Whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Rural Australia. when partnering with us, you have a team that works with you. We happily invest our resources to develop your team and are only ever a phone call away. 

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Our visiting service

We come to you! Get the right support for securing your assets by partnering with the C & D Restructure and Taxation Advisory team. We have various visiting offices which allow our specialists to serve clients from all around Brisbane and Sydney’s metropolitan and outer suburbs as well as Melbourne and Geelong. We also visit Western Victoria, Country New South Wales and Queensland and rural South Australia on a monthly basis. For rural clients we understand the need to have face to face conversations and are not afraid of a drive to visit you.

To chat with your local team, please contact us on 0448 841 564 or email craig@cdrta.com.au

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When it comes to asset protection, we appreciate every case is entirely unique. This can be more challenging for business owners as there are additional influences on a structure. Schedule an appointment with one of our professional asset protection consultants today.

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