“Nothing is certain except for death and taxes”

Everybody would like a stress-free taxation experience and a team of experienced and skilled experts to ensure a risk-free and burden-free taxation and of course, achieving outstanding results.

Countless people/firms find tax issues to be confusing, which is why hiring a professional tax consultant is important. Our team has been working in the industry for the last fifteen years and has been involved in both large and small accounting firms during this time. Working on transactions from individual taxpayers up to listed and pre-IPO entities we have experience in both state and federal taxes across the Eastern seaboard.

If you are a taxpayer with significant assets or complex finances, working with our tax consulting team is good news for you as we leverage our in-depth knowledge and experience to reduce our clients’ tax liabilities and protect their interest.

The whole process of taxation is daunting and confusing, and most taxpayers make the mistake of overpaying or underpaying taxes. Tax laws change all the time, and many individuals and firms are simply unaware of the myriad of rules that govern reportable incomes, deductions, and credits. Thereby making the mistake of underpaying or overpaying their taxes and an over paid tax means loss of money that is rightfully yours and an under paid tax mean trouble with the tax agencies. Our team of experts understand the laws, and give strategic advice that minimizes obligations while also reducing the chance of an audit that could lead to conflicts with tax agencies.

Our service is only offered directly to accountants, this means that if you are looking for a tax advisor, we only work through one of our partners, or will engage with your individual accountant.

When working with us, we offer a comprehensive and commercial tax service, aligning with your firm to offer a commercial solution in a cost-effective manner. We take a whole transaction approach which means that we look at the flow on consequences of a transaction and ensure that we are not creating future problems. We leverage our knowledge of tax legislation to provide clients with advisory and consultancy services, to ensure they pay their taxes in the most efficient way and benefit from any tax advantages and exemptions.

If you are looking for more information contact us on 1300 023 782 or email team@cdrta.com.au